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  Vacation Home rentals are totally different than a hotel or motel reservation. The homes are usually booked far in advance. The home is removed from the market, once a reservation is made. Approximately 60% of our reservations are repeat customers from the previous year and the bulk of the reservations for Bamboo Shores Vacation Rental homes are made by January of the rental year. We have the following cancellation policy:

1.   There is no penalty for cancellation of a reservation prior to February 1st of the rental year and any deposit paid will be returned.
2.   A reservation that is cancelled after February 1st, of the rental year will have their deposit returned in full at the time we get another rental for that rental period. The deposit will be forfeited in the event the house is not re-rented. There will be no further liability for payment of the Vacation Rental House beyond the deposit.

Pets.   WE DO NOT ALLOW PETS. We have some people who are allergic to pets. I realize pets are very important to some people and we used to allow them, but the problem arose when we started getting people who brought multiple large dogs and they did not clean up after them, plus they barked and bothered the neighbors. People seem to understand the situation and make other arrangements for their pets. There is a Kennel nearby if you can make no other arrangements.

Neighbors next door.   We realize you are on vacation and you want to have a good time, but just bear in mind that the people living on both sides of you are living in their own homes and they may have to get up the next day and go to work. You can certainly have a campfire, but remember to put the fire out before you retire and keep the noise down late at night so other people can sleep. Totally extinguish campfires before retiring for the evening. The neighbors are friendly people and welcome you to our neighborhood, but they are like anyone else, they will respond to you as you respond to them. I would suggest you say hello and introduce yourself when you see them outside, because you may make a new friend and you may be coming back to visit us year after year. Some of our guests have become very good friends with the neighbors. (It is better to be remembered as the guest the neighbor looks forward to seeing next year, than "the renter from Hell")

Repeat Booking.   A present guest will always have first right to the same week or weekend, the following year, they are occupying now. You may renew for the following year at the time you are leaving. Your slot will be made available to other people if you do not request it while you are staying with us.

  We do not have additional charges for guests or extra people sleeping in the house. We don't come and count or make you try to hide how many people you are going to have. We have large and very nice Vacation Rental Homes and we want you to be comfortable and enjoy your stay. We want you to have an "experience" that makes you want to visit Bamboo Shores Vacation Rental Homes again and not look for some other place.

Payment.   We accept Checks, Cash, and Master Card and Visa Credit Cards. We would appreciate it if you can pay by check or cash when you check into the house, rather than using a credit card. We will take the credit card, if you are unable to pay with a check or cash. The deposit will be returned within 10 days of your departure or it may be applied toward your rental for the next year, if you so desire.

All prices subject to increase for special events or without notice.

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